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Heather Sells NYC, Heather Cooper, Episode 13

In this episode of Heather Sells NYC, Heather Cooper speaks with Keren G. Birnbaum, Esq., Founding Partner of Birnbaum Lewis, PLLC. Keren concentrates her practice in the areas of Estate Planning, Trust and Estate Administration, Elder Law, and Special Needs Planning. She has over 10 years of experience advising clients on how to protect themselves, their loved ones and their businesses in the event of death, incapacity or disability.

Tune in to the episode to hear about:

  • The importance and intricacies of estate planning in real estate transactions

  • Understanding executors and beneficiaries in estate sales

  • The challenges of multiple executors and estate administration

  • Navigating the Probate Process and Its Impact on Real Estate

  • Dealing with debts and creditors in estate settlement

  • The role of trusts in estate planning for younger couples

  • The importance of wills for everyone

  • Navigating healthcare directives and power of attorney

  • The role of guardianship in estate planning

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In this episode of Heather Sells NYC, Heather M. Cooper speaks with Eric Brecher, an attorney with 25 years of experience and a qualified intermediary for 1031 exchanges for over 18 years, currently working for CDEC 1031 Exchange, a subsidiary of WinTrust Financial. With a detailed background in facilitating real estate transactions that allow investors to defer taxes through the strategic use of 1031 exchanges, Eric provides a wealth of knowledge on the topic.

Tune in to the episode to hear about:

  • The role and importance of a qualified intermediary in 1031 exchanges, including the safekeeping of funds and ensuring compliance with critical deadlines

  • The fundamental principles and statutory requirements of 1031 exchanges, highlighting the need for real property to be held for investment or used in trade or business, and the property acquired to be of like kind

  • Common misconceptions about 1031 exchanges, such as the necessity to reinvest only the gain or to purchase a similar type of property as the one sold

  • The critical timelines involved in 1031 exchanges, including the 45-day identification period and the 180-day completion window, as well as the flexibility to diversify geographically, by asset class, or by the number of properties

  • Advanced strategies in 1031 exchanges, such as reverse exchanges, where the replacement property is acquired before the relinquished property is sold, and the nuances of navigating these transactions

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This comprehensive discussion with Eric Brecher sheds light on the complexities and strategic advantages of 1031 exchanges for real estate investors, providing valuable insights for anyone looking to optimize their real estate investments in the context of tax deferral strategies.

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In this episode of "Heather Sells NYC," Heather Cooper introduces her guest, Lawrence Chaifetz, a seasoned real estate attorney from the esteemed law firm of Chaifetz and Chaifetz. With over 30 years of experience practicing real estate law across New York, Lawrence brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Tune in as Heather dives into Lawrence’s journey into real estate law and the founding of Chaifetz and Chaifetz:

Tune in to discover:

  • The pivotal role of market timing and negotiation strategies in real estate deals
  • How seasoned real estate brokers like Heather decipher market conditions and optimize pricing
  • Essential buyer due diligence steps and expert advice on navigating potential pitfalls
  • Proven seller strategies for maximizing property value amidst shifting market trends
  • The harmonious collaboration between real estate professionals and legal experts to streamline transactions
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In this episode of Heather Sells NYC, Heather Cooper speaks with Total Access Coach, Marija Parente. Marija helps people clear obstacles to freedom and natural expression so they can create their lives in alignment with their vision.

Tune in to the episode for these key takeaways:

  • Defining “Total Access” in the work Marija does with her clients, emphasizing that we are all our greatest resource
  • The Importance of Listening in Coaching and in Real Estate — Heather and Marija identify the need to listen to their clients so their work can align with their needs and desires
  • Clean Slate to Create — Why Marija came up with this concept and wrote an ebook on it and how it can people can benefit from it
  • Using the Clean Slate Principles to find and craft your dream home — the importance of staying open and true to your dream and desires but also returning to reality
  • Using the Clean Slate Principles to refine your existing space — Unlock the power of decluttering and simplifying your life
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In this episode of Heather Sells NYC, Heather Cooper speaks with Russell Tunick, Reverse Sales Manager at Nationwide Mortgage Bankers.

Tune in to the episode for these key takeaways:

  • Reverse mortgages — what it is in its simplest terms
  • How to qualify for a reverse mortgage (it’s not based on wealth or income)
  • The benefits and drawbacks of a reverse mortgage
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In this episode of Heather Sells NYC, Heather Cooper speaks with Christine Luken, Financial Dignity® Coach. As the Founder of the Financial Dignity® Movement, Christine has coached hundreds of high-earning professionals, business owners, and divorcing women to pay off staggering amounts of debt and massively increase their net worth. The author of three books and host of the Money is Emotional Podcast, Christine blends wise money management with emotional intelligence.  

A seasoned financial coach and former accountant, Christine and Heather discuss her journey from financial struggles to coaching. With a background in accounting, Luken transitioned to financial coaching to explore the emotional side of money. 

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Tune in for these highlights:

  • Financial Coaching Inspiration: Luken, an accountant turned coach, finds inspiration in personal financial struggles, emphasizing the emotional side of money.
  • Emotional Intelligence in Finance: Advocating emotional intelligence in finance, Luken addresses the emotional impact of life events on financial choices.

  • Customized Financial Mindset: Luken helps clients adjust their "money blueprint" for a personalized mindset supporting financial goals.

  • Balancing Money Dynamics: Using a trapeze act analogy, Luken stresses balancing provider and pleasure money for financial security and enjoyment.

  • Emotion-Aware Decision-Making: Luken suggests assessing emotional volume before decisions, recommending activities like exercise or meditation for rational choices.

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In this episode of Heather Sells NYC, Heather Cooper speaks with Taylor Bodemann, Certified Financial Planner™ with UBS Financial Services in New York City. Taylor and her team work with individuals, families, and entrepreneurs with holistic financial planning, helping them design investment portfolios that meet their unique goals.

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Tune in for these highlights:

  • Taylor's career journey to financial services
  • Lessons Taylor learned from her entrepreneurial parents
  • Advice for first-time home buyers and those who just want to grow their wealth within the next few years
  • Advice on saving for those in debt
  • The importance of having relationships with key professionals in the financial industry, such as mortgage lenders and financial advisors
  • How Taylor customizes her financial recommendations to her clients' goals

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In this episode of Heather Sells NYC, Heather Cooper speaks with Ann Lightfoot and Kate Pawlowski, co-founders of Done & Done Home, a professional organizing and move management company based in New York City. They specialize in decluttering, organizing, and facilitating moves or estate transitions for New York real estate clients, prioritizing empathy and understanding during the process.

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Tune in for these highlights:

* Founding Story: Initially helping a friend's mother prepare to sell her townhouse sparked Ann and Kate's journey into professional organizing and move management, evolving into a full-fledged business.

* Client Focus: Done & Done specializes in decluttering, organizing, and facilitating moves or estate transitions for New York real estate clients, streamlining the process for sellers and buyers.

* Business Approach: Their client-centered approach prioritizes empathy and understanding, respecting emotional attachments to possessions while guiding clients through the process of letting go without judgment.

* Broker Relationships: About 40% of their business stems from partnerships with real estate brokers, aiding them by ensuring properties are decluttered and presentable for optimal listings.

* Service Differentiation: Done & Done stands out by transforming spaces without bringing in new furnishings, focusing on decluttering, and maximizing existing areas to enhance property appeal for potential buyers.

Learn more about Ann Lightfoot, Kate Pawlowski and Done and Done Home:

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Heather Sells NYC with Heather Cooper, Episode 5 In this episode, Heather Cooper chats with Tina Ramchandani, Founder of Tina Ramchandani Creative, an award-winning, Manhattan-based interior design studio. Tina's journey through firms like Vicente Wolf Associates led her to establish her studio in 2014, focusing on Soulful Minimalism—a design philosophy that tailors lifestyles for clients. Tina's passion for travel and fine design shapes the studio's innovative work.

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Tune in for these highlights:

  • Soulful Minimalism: Tina's approach centers on purposeful, clutter-free spaces that evoke emotions, steering clear of unnecessary elements.
  • Personalized Discovery Process: Through in-depth interviews and visual assessments, Tina crafts designs tailored to clients' emotions and functional needs.
  • Holistic Design Integration: Collaboration with landscape architects ensures seamless indoor-outdoor transitions despite logistical challenges in tight urban spaces.
  • Customization and Logistical Challenges: Projects often involve custom-made elements to fit New York City's limited spaces, navigating hurdles like small elevators.
  • Client-Centric Completion: Tina's team finishes spaces with art, accessories, and intricate details, aiming for a fully realized and inviting home reflecting the client's vision.

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In this episode of Heather Sells NYC, Heather Cooper speaks with Kael Goodman, the visionary behind Marketproof, a prominent real estate software company that zeroes in on the nuances of the new development market.

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Tune in for these highlights:

  • AI's Role in Real Estate: The integration of AI, particularly generative AI, is changing the landscape of real estate. Market Proof is delving into AI-driven pricing analysis and other functionalities to automate manual tasks, potentially transforming various professions, including real estate.
  • Staying Relevant: Continuous innovation and staying ahead of emerging technologies are crucial. Both real estate professionals and tools like Market Proof need to evolve and adapt to remain at the forefront of the industry.
  • Market Proof's Expanding Offerings: Market Proof isn't solely focused on new developments but has products like Market Proof Pipeline, catering to broader construction and development insights, potentially indicating economic trends.

Learn more about and connect with Kael Goodman:


In this episode of Heather Sells NYC, Heather Cooper engages in a conversation with Carla Barone, a seasoned professional in the field of matrimonial and family law with over two decades of experience. Carla is a key member at Cohen Forman Barone Law Group, bringing a wealth of expertise to the discussion.

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Tune in for these highlights:

  • Carla's Background and Expertise: Carla, our guest on Heather Sells NYC, brings over 20 years of expertise in matrimonial and family law. Starting her legal journey at Cuny Law School, she's committed to helping individuals navigate divorce complexities, drawing on her background in sociology.
  • Challenges in Matrimonial Law: Carla discusses the emotional challenges of divorce cases, emphasizing the importance of empathy, patience, and understanding.
  • Real Estate and Divorce: The conversation touches on the intersection of real estate and divorce, highlighting the complications that may arise when selling property during divorce proceedings.
  • Advice for Those Considering Divorce: Carla suggests seeking knowledge about the process through consultations, even if divorce isn't imminent, and offers a free 30-minute consultation to help individuals choose the right attorney for their needs.

Learn more about and connect with Carla Barone:


In this episode of Heather Sells NYC, Heather Cooper speaks with Nico Zapata, an architectural and construction management professional at Niza Works. Join Nico Zapata, a seasoned 17-year architect whose career started at Baxt Ingui Architects, to gain invaluable insights into architecture and construction in New York City and the Tri-State area. With a strong foundation from the University of Michigan, his expertise offers a deeper dive into the architectural world. Connect with him to explore further.

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Tune in for these highlights:


In this episode of Heather Sells NYC, Heather Cooper speaks with Mark Foley, Co-Founder and Chief Negotiator at The Folson Group, New York City’s leading business consultancy for co-op and condo boards. Mark's firm helps coop and condo boards reduce expenses and project manage their buildings’ many projects, allowing them to free up their valuable time. His insights are invaluable in today's dynamic real estate landscape.

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Tune in for these highlights:

* Mark’s journey into the co-op and condo world
* How The Folson Group provides significant savings to its clients
* Common challenges that co-op and condo boards are currently facing
* Mark’s work with Local Law 97 (Climate Mobilization Act) — what is the law and how Mark is helping buildings comply
* The full scope of The Folson Group’s projects

Learn more about and connect with Mark Foley:

* Email: [email protected]
* Call Mark directly: 917-648-8151
* Connect with Mark on LinkedIn:   / markjfoleyli  
* Follow The Folson Group on LinkedIn:
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* Check out Mark’s partner’s book, Living the High Life: How Smart Co-op and Condo Owners Protect Themselves and Their Investment: 

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